Israel Election briefing

The dissolving of the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) on 29th May, following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s failure to form a governing coalition means that Israel is once again going to the polls for the second time this year. The election will take place on 17th September. Netanyahu was unable to form a coalition amongst his … Continue reading

Questions to the Leader

LDFI asked both Leadership candidates Jo Swinson and Ed Davey a series of questions on issues of importance for LDFI and the Jewish community. Here are their answers: 1. Due to a toxic culture of anti-Semitism running a-mock in the Labour Party, it is no longer the place for progressive, liberal, and pro-European Jews in … Continue reading

Lib Dems Peers speak in anti semitism debate

LDFI’s President and Vice President Monroe Palmer and Sarah Ludford both spoke in a debate on anti-Semitism in the House of Lords on 20 June. Sarah Ludford said she was ashamed that anti-Semitism was becoming pervasive. “I do not want to live in a society in which they are afraid and subject to prejudice, discrimination … Continue reading

You can be pro Palestinian without being anti semitic

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran, who is of Palestinian descent, said on the BBC’s Question Time that those people who use antisemitism while attacking Israel are doing nothing for the Palestinian cause. Ms Moran was applauded as she told the Question Time audience: “It does nothing for the Palestinian cause. My plea to those who … Continue reading

Israeli elections update

The Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel have built a close association with the Yesh Atid Party in Israel. They are a secular zionist and liberal party which reflects our own party’s philosophy and ideology. They’ve announced a unified list for the elections with Former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz’s new party Israel Resilience and … Continue reading

Israel goes to the Polls on 9 April

Elections to the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset) will take place on 9th April. this briefing is a short note on the upcoming elections, featuring the runners and riders, the key electoral issues and what the current polls are saying. Why has Mr Netanyahu called elections? As Liberal Democrats would like in the UK, the Israeli … Continue reading

Paddy Ashdown

LDFI was saddened by the passing of Lord Paddy Ashdown. Paddy was a true internationalist, an inspirational character with immense determination. His views on Israel could be described as that of a critical friend, but he often said “Israel should be provided with the means to have security within its recognised borders.” We send our … Continue reading

Obituary: Joyce Arram

Respected and long-serving member of the Executive of Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel, Joyce Aarram passed away on 11th November. Joyce was a keen supporter of Israel all her life as well as being Deputy President of the Liberal Democrat Lawyers Association and a keen supporter of the National Liberal Club, indeed she was one … Continue reading

Vince Cable joins LDFI Presdient at Chanukah celebrations

LDFI President Lord Monroe Palmer was the host at the Board of Deputies’ annual Chanukah celebration. Among the other speakers was the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable

Lib Dem leader wishes happy 80th birthday to LDFI President

It’s not every day you have the leader of the Liberal Democrats pop into your office and share a drink, but that’s what happened to LDFI President Lord Monroe Palmer this week, as the popular peer turned 80 years of age. Lord Monroe Palmer, left, with party leader Sir Vince Cable – Photograph courtesy of … Continue reading