Lib Dems Peers speak in anti semitism debate

LDFI’s President and Vice President Monroe Palmer and Sarah Ludford both spoke in a debate on anti-Semitism in the House of Lords on 20 June.

Sarah Ludford said she was ashamed that anti-Semitism was becoming pervasive. “I do not want to live in a society in which they are afraid and subject to prejudice, discrimination and hate.” Sarah concluded with a call for a step change in education. Click here for Sarah’s full speech

Monroe Palmer recalled that when he was a candidate in the 1997 General Election the Labour Party canvassers had a doorstep patter along the lines that they were calling on behalf of the Christian gentleman: “Has the modern, Corbyn-led Labour Party changed other than to get worse?” Lord Palmer said that while criticising certain actions of the Israeli Government is not on its own anti-Semitic (such criticism is a very popular sport among Israelis), when someone attacks Israel, homeland of the Jewish people, and attacks no other country, that is anti-Semitic. Click here for Monroe’s full speech

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