LDFI celebrates centenary of the Balfour declaration

LDFI is this week celebrating the centenary of the Balfour declaration.

LDFI hosted Israel’s Ambassador Mark Regev after  a joint meeting with the Lloyd-George Society.

Ambassador Regev praised the role the Liberal Party had played in the Balfour Declaration:  “The Declaration would not have happened without David Lloyd-George.  You were on the right side of history.”

Professor Colin Shindler and Professor Tom Otte spoke in the aptly named David Lloyd George Room at the National Liberal Club on the contribution of the Liberal Party to the Balfour Declaration.

(left to right) Gavin Stollar, Graham Lippiatt, Prof Tom Otte, Baroness Sarah Ludford, HE Mark Regev, Stephen Lloyd MP, Lord Alan Beith, Lady Susette Palmer, Lord Monroe Palmer, Prof Colin Shindler)

LDFI Chairman, Gavin Stollar said after the event:

“This event was the pinnacle of the Balfour celebrations. Without the support and endorsement of the then Liberal Prime Minister, David Lloyd-George and the first ever practising Jewish Cabinet Member another Liberal, Sir Herbert Samuel, the Declaration would never have happened. This event was a sell out with standing room only and Ambassador Regev enthralled the private dinner afterwards which was attended by a cross section of Party luminaries, former leaders, and current parliamentarians.”

Earlier in the week, LDFI President Lord Monroe Palmer spoke at a celebratory reception at the Palace of Westminster, also emphasizing the key role payed in the Declaration by Liberal Prime Minister David Lloyd-George.


Among other leading Liberal Democrats at the reception were Lord Alan Beith, Lord Navnit Dholakia and Baroness Sarah Ludford, with LDFI Chair Gavin Stollar.

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