Tim Farron – “Friend of Israel”

Tim Farron has said he “holds Israel dear as a friend” in an interview with Jewish News

Tim Farron, with LDFI Chair Gavin Stollar

He said he had been scheduled to visit Israel in June and he hoped the visit would now take place later in the year.

Tim also said he would be strong in opposing anti-Semitism.  “We won’t allow the tip-toeing – in fact galloping – into anti-Semitism we’ve seen under some aspects of Jeremy Corbyn’s support. If you’re a progressive and you’re Jewish the Liberal Democrats are a place you’ll find yourself massively welcome with a leader who is deliberately of the view we need to cherish our relationship with the Jewish community and promote it and defend it.”

Tim also told Jewish News he strongly opposes the campaign for an apology for the Balfour Declaration, which had been issued under Liberal Prime Minister David Lloyd-George: “That there is a state of Israel is something we should celebrate.”

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