Plans unveiled for Palestine’s first-ever ‘green city’

A UK architecture firm has revealed plans for a $1bn ‘green city’ in the occupied territories of Palestine.

Khalil Al Khadra is backed by non-profit organisation Shurook and is intended to serve as a model for private sector investment in Palestine and the wider Middle East.

Designed by Lyndon Goode Architects, the plans include 12,000 homes, shops, offices, and educational facilities, to be built on a 600 acre site south of Hebron in the West Bank.

An illustrative masterplan has been drawn up for a 450-home first phase, named Baytouna, which is expected to be completed in 2019.

Khalil Al Khadra is intended to be Palestine’s first ‘green’ city, making use of renewable energy sources, energy-efficient materials, water-saving schemes and a water recycling system.

It is also aiming to tackle a housing shortage in Hebron, the manufacturing centre of Palestine, where a shortfall of 10,000 homes is expected by 2020.

Simon Goode, founding director at Lyndon Goode Architects, said: “This will be the West Bank’s first affordable, sustainable planned city.

“The design draws on our experience, built up over the past decade, in place-making and affordable housing. We hope to create a vibrant and sustainable community that brings people together and taps into the vast talent and inspiring optimism of the people of West Bank.”

Fayez Husseini, managing director at Shurook, added: “This project will serve as a model for the Palestinian real estate and construction industries as they shift towards addressing the need for affordable housing.”

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