Lord Palmer named as Middle East adviser to Tim Farron

Party Leader, Tim Farron MP, has announced the appointment of Lord Monroe Palmer as his “adviser on the Middle East”.

Tim said:

“I am delighted that Monroe had agreed to advise me on the Middle East. I am looking forward to being able to draw on his vast experience and wise counsel. The Party remains firmly committed to a two state solution for Israel and Palestine based on peace and security for both peoples. With Monroe’s advice and support we will continue to do what we can to contribute to this end.”

Lord Palmer said:

“I am delighted to be able to assist and welcome the opportunity.”

Chairman of Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel, Gavin Stollar, said:

“This appointment rightly recognises one of the Liberal Democrats’ foremost experts on Middle East politics. This news is also particularly stark at a time when Labour are electing a Leader who is anti-Israel and associates with anti-Semites, the Liberal Democrats are strengthening and elevating the influence of moderate and pro-two state voices like that of Lord Palmer. This appointment, coupled with reports that Jenny Tonge is considering joining the Labour Party should send a strong message to the UK Jewish Community and beyond about who and what the Liberal Democrat Party represent today.”

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