LDFI Vice President calls for compromise not unilateral declarations

Speaking in the House of Lords Debate on the recognition of Palestine, LDFI Vice President Lord Palmer of Childs Hill called for a genuine spirit of compromise. He questioned how Israel could be expected to negotiate peace with a so-called unity Government including Hamas, whose declared aim is the annihilation of the State of Israel … Continue reading

Nick Clegg’s message for Holocaust Memorial Day

Last week, I was privileged to sit down and talk with one of the bravest, most remarkable people I’ve ever met – Zigi Shipper. Zigi was just 11 years old when he first escaped deportation from the Lodz ghetto where he’d been living with his paternal grandparents. When the ghetto was liquidated in 1944, Zigi … Continue reading

Nick Clegg safeguards Holocaust Education funding

Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg today became the first party leader to announce that funding for the Holocaust Education Trust’s ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’ project would be safeguarded for the next 5 years. He said that he would ensure that any Government including the Liberal Democrats would allocate the funding and … Continue reading

The Palestinians Are Afraid of Abbas’ State

The Palestinians Are Afraid of Abbas’ State By: Mudar Zahran As the Palestinian president, Abbas, is pursuing a UN Security Council resolution setting “a three-year time limit for Israel to end its occupation of parts of the West Bank, after which it would automatically recognize Palestine as a state.” This writer visited the West Bank for … Continue reading

Nick Clegg celebrates Chanukah

Nick Clegg hosted a reception to celebrate Chanukah and lit the Chanukah candles with LDFI Vice President Lord Monroe Palmer

LDFI Vice President in Lords Debate on the Middle East

LDFI Vice President Lord Palmer of Childs Hill (Monroe Palmer) spoke in the House of Lords Debate on the Middle East on 30 October. He said: Lord Palmer of Childs Hill (LD): My Lords, I, too, congratulate the noble Lord, Lord Risby, on securing time for this debate, and I declare an interest as a … Continue reading

Statement on the current situation in Israel and Gaza

In light of the events of the past month in Israel and in Gaza, the Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel (LDFI) believe that it is important to outline our views. It should be borne in mind that LDFI is not a Jewish organisation. It is what its title says: Liberal Democrats who are friends of … Continue reading

Required reading on the current situation in Israel and Gaza

Daily Mail: What if Hamas hit a BA plane? Washington Post: Israel must be permitted to crush Hamas Times of Israel: David Horovitz interviews Colonel Richard Kemp Colonel Kemp, a supportive British colonel, offers a bleak vision of endless costly military operations  Haaretz: A real war is underway in Gaza, Amos Harel Times of Israel … Continue reading

Monroe Palmer shocked at anti-Israel feeling in Lords

Lord Palmer spoke to the Jewish Chornicle about his surprise at the bias against Israel in the House of Lords. The former LDFI chairman said: “What struck me is how much the House of Lords talks about Israel and the Palestinians, far more than a country the size of Wales, with seven million citizens, would … Continue reading


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